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Welcome To Arch Enterprise, LLC

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Most Frequently Ask Questions


1. Q: Do I need a FireStick per TV?

A: Yes. If you would like to watch ArchTV on those devices.

2. Q: Will ATV work on a smart TV? 

A: Yes. But it depends on the TV.

3. Q: Will the price increase?

A: NO! As of 2019, we at ATV have no plans for increasing our prices.

4. Q: Can you use a ROKU?

A. Yes

5. Q: Will I need an AMAZON ACCOUNT?

A: Yes

6. Q: Is a 4K FireStick needed?

A: Only if you have a 4K TV

7. Q: Can a ROKU get CINEMA TV?

A: No

8. Q: Can I pay for more than 1 account?

A: Yes

9. Q: Why is Lenox MP freezing, stopping, buffering, jumping back to the home screen?

A: Why is Lenox MP freezing, stopping, buffering, or jumping back to the home screen? Follow the simple steps below to solve your issue. First try going to the Fire Stick settings for the Lenox MP application and click force stop and clear cache, then re-launch the application. (We recommend doing this each time before launching the application)You can also try unplugging your TV, streaming devices, and internet modem for 30 seconds. (We recommend doing this monthly as it may solve many streaming issues) You can also try creating a new profile when logging into the Lenox application but the first two suggestions should solve your issue. Your speed may not be fast enough, especially when trying to stream multiple devices at the same time. To test if this is the problem, unplug all of your streaming devices except one and try streaming. Your internet provider may be slowing your speed, try using a VPN. You can go to the VPN page by clicking VPN in the navigation bar on the website. If none of the above help, restore your Fire Stick back to the factory settings and re-download the Lenox application. You will then re-enter your login details.

10. Q: How do I correct a freezing issue with streaming services? 

A: Some of these issues can be resolved with higher internet speed.

11. Q: What is the Lenox MP child lock pin code for adult content?

A: The Lenox MP child lock pin code is 0000. If you changed the pin code and do not remember what it is, simply clear the data and it will revert back to the default.

12. Q: Can I stream Lenox MP anywhere?

A: Yes, you can stream Lenox MP anywhere, anytime on virtually any device. Stream to mobile phones with Apple IOS, Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Sheild, and Tablets as well as your PC or Laptop. We recommend an Amazon Fire TV Stick, it is an inexpensive and excellent streaming device.

13. Q: When does my Lenox MP account expire?

A: You can see your Lenox MP service account expiration date when logged into the Lenox app by clicking the three lines in the menu at the bottom left of your screen.

14. Q: How do I cancel my Lenox MP service account?

A: You can cancel your Lenox MP service account at any time by simply not making a payment or placing an order, your service will cancel automatically at the end of your month. We do not offer advanced payments or auto-pay to ensure you are never charged without your authorization.

15. Q: Is there a credit check to use the Lenox MP?

A: No, there is no credit check or contract to use the Lenox MP! Cancel anytime by simply not paying, your account will cancel automatically at the end of your month.

16. Q: Is there a contract to use the Lenox MP Media Player?

A: No, there is never a contract to use the Lenox MP Media Player. We do not offer advanced payment or auto-pay to ensure you are never charged without your authorization.

17. Q: How do I renew my Lenox MP service account?

A: To renew your Lenox MP Media Player account, simply return to the website and place a new order to add time to your account. If you do not remember your login details for the website, click forgot password. You will continue to use the same login details.

How ATV Works

It's never been easier to watch and enjoy ATV.

After you've subscribed, simply go to Lenox Media Player and install it on your Android (google play store), iPhone (App Store) and Tablets or this URL link from the downloader: for your FireStick. Input the service ID: 310 Enter your User ID: and Password: and enjoying 


See what our customers are saving with ATV!

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Your Service ID: 310

User ID:

Watching ATV from your browser: Here's the URL: