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Who Do You Say I am? "YAHWEH"

Welcome To Arch Enterprise, LLC

Business Opportunity

Bible verse of the Day! Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 KJV


Isn’t it frustrating to watch broadcast and cable networks? You need to wait until the programs are aired. And when you miss them, there will be no rewinding or playing back. Stay on top of your favorite shows through our Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services with ArchTV at A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES. We offer over a thousand channels that you can flip through on your televisions, mobile phones, and other devices.

With our help, you’ll be able to stream live and recorded videos wherever you go and whenever you want. Contact us today at 844.534.9788 ext.3 or email us at [email protected] to setup your ArchTV Today! You may also get in touch with us to request a quote for our services. Our team caters to clients across the US. We look forward to serving you!

Our Company at a Glance

A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES has been operating for more than 20+ years. We are inspired to put this business into operation due to the fact cable and satellite TV services have been extremely high. What sets us apart is that we deliver outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations. We take care of our clients, and we go above and beyond to help them 24/7 days a week.

About Our Founder

Clausell Suggs Jr., born in 1966 from Brooklyn, NY of parents Clausell Suggs Sr. & Shirley Mae Suggs who both have passed on. Now, married to Rauchelle B. Suggs for 20+ yrs with 2 children, Alexis S. Suggs & Harmonie M. Carroll, 3 grandchildren, Kirsten Faust, Kaylee Faust, Jace C. Carroll & 1 dog named Archie. Served 12 yrs in the United States Army and currently the Founder/CEO at A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES, 20+ years in business.

Our Mission and Vision

More Relevant To solve the financial situations for one million families in America. As the Company continues to put leaders in place worldwide to accomplish our goals, we're proud to take on this task at A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES. We will educate and provide the resources on Business Ownership, Taxes, Financial Training to millions of people. All of these services are provided through our great management Team of Leaders!

Meet ArchTV Awesome Management Team

Helping Families Attain True Personal Financial Success Through The Next Generation In Home Entertainment!

Arthur Douglas


Lacey, WA

PH: 844.534.9788 ext: 700

Account Manager @ ArchTV

My name is Arthur N, Douglas. I was born on March 6, 1950, in Concord, NC. My father's name was Arthur George and my mother's name was Dorothy Mae. Married with two grown daughters, Louise and Lydia. I am a retired Vietnam Veteran and have served 24 years in the Army. I retired as a First Sergeant of the Finance Corps. Presently, I am a Fiscal Analyst for the State of Washington in the Office of Finance Recovery. I have been with A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES for over 15 years. I have achieved tremendous success with my finances. I currently live in Lacey, WA. My greatest desire is to obtain my Financial Freedom with A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES by the end of December 2020,

Andra McNeill

Vietnam Veteran

Laurinburg, NC

PH: 844.534.9788 ext. 710

Account Manager @ ArchTV

My name is Andra E. McNeill. I was born July 24, 1948. I served twelve years in the United States Marine Corps with one year served in the Republic of Vietnam. I worked 25 years in the manufacturing industry. Today I am retired and enjoying spending time with my daughter, my four grandchildren an three great grandchildren. Now I am enjoying my retirement reading and watching Arch TV. Not only does it provide me with quality tv programming. Arch TV also saves me hundreds of dollars each month. I am now helping others enjoy the programming and savings that I now enjoy. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity. 

Emmanuel Suggs

Pensacola, FL

PH: 844.534.9788 ext. 705

Account Manager @ ArchTV

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Pensacola, FL. I always had a passion for entertainment, for television always was a interest of mine mimicking my favorite actors, or a scene from my favorite show, so I took up drama in high school to later peruse after high school. Upon graduation I entered the United States Army, so I put off my dream for the next four to five years. . I then later after a year of post military I went to college for Multimedia Technology at Pensacola State College. After two years there I transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated in 2004 in Video Production. I’ve been streaming television for about four years now, and I have to say this is the best streaming services I’ve had thus far...I really like the way you have control over what you want to watch at any given time not like cable television where you have to watch what’s on thru the programming. With ArchTV you can not only watch the networks scheduled programs, but you also can watch all television vision series, and movies, old and new. It’s no comparison high bill watch what they say, or low bill watch what you won’t...My family and I love it! Pensacola FL

Nikky Slaughter

Greensboro, NC

PH: 844.534.9788 ext. 712

Account Manager @ ArchTV

My name is Nikky Slaughter. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years and we have three beautiful children. I am a full-time stay-at-home Mom and Homeschool Teacher. My husband is a Licensed Professional Counselor. My husband and I have been in business for 9 years. Since we have been in business we have paid off six debts which allowed me to come off a full time job. We love working with people and we look forward to working with you. In addition to working our business, I enjoy Coaching Youth Football, Soccer, watching the sports, going to church and spending time with my family.

Clausell Suggs Jr. (CJ)

Founder at A.R.C.H. & K.J.K.A. ASSOCIATES

Fayetteville, NC

PH: 844.534.9788 ext. 1

CEO @ ArchTV

First! Let me acknowledge GOD the creator of all things for allowing me to be and operate in business. Also thanks to my parents for having the courage to come together and give birth to me during those hard times. Now, my daughters, Alexis & Harmonie who have grown into incredible young women. And my wonderful grandchildren, Kirsten, Kaylee, and Jace. I know you guys will make me proud and I am proud of what you will do in this world GOD allowed you to exist and you too Archie! Keep living & fighting boy!. Last, but not least, my wife Rauchelle. Thank you for being here after all these years, during the good and bad times. You served 20+ years in the United States Army, and as a full-time mother. Great job in showing our girls the example of being a Christian woman. We're very proud of you!

Company Vehicle

2019 Dodge Charger 392 Scatpack

Fayetteville, NC

Our vehicle may be in your area soon! So if, or when you see it, don't forget to HONK YOUR HORN! Also join us and help us spread the word across America about ArchTV!

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Streaming The Next Generation In Home Entertainment!

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